AWS – Networking Services

The Virtual Private Cloud, a.k.a. EC2-VPC, one of the main components you are bound to use when working with AWS. The first configuration question when working with WorkSpaces, VDI solution, or RDS will be: what VPC do you want? A VPC is a logically isolated “data center” where your computer instances and various AWS servicesSigue leyendo “AWS – Networking Services”

AWS – Designing Global Services

A very important and more often than not overlooked aspect of any cloud infrastructure, in this particular case, working with AWS, is the location of the services. AWS has an extensive decentralization and a tight grip on the location of its main data centers, allowing for a more secure and less compromised site for theirSigue leyendo “AWS – Designing Global Services”


HOLA MUNDO Descargar SDK Emscripten haciendo uso de este link: Crear archivo “hello.c” con el siguiente código: #include <stdio.h> int main(int argc, char ** argv) {     printf(“Hola mundo\n”); } En el mismo directorio que “hello.c”, correr en línea de comando: emcc hello.c -s WASM=1 -o hello.html. Abrir “hello.html” en el navegador de su preferencia.Sigue leyendo “WASM & C”

Napoleon Dynamite – Review

Grade: 9/10 I am awestrucked. A lot of people will not understand this, and it is okay, in fact it is perfect. This is a masterpiece about characters which we see everyday in our lives, but do not quite understand, probably don’t care, and probably never will. But Napoleon Dynamite does what a good, originalSigue leyendo “Napoleon Dynamite – Review”

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