Reflection Partial 2

In my heart at least, I feel like marrying a cybersecurity master’s degree in the future. So when I heard Maggie was into that, the very mentioning of the word made me pay even more attention than one usually does to a guest speaker (yes, I am generalizing to not feel bad about my lack of attention at times). It was beautiful to hear you can learn about the topic without the need to have a bachelor’s in Computer Science. On the other hand: it was painful to hear I didn’t need to study a bachelor’s to learn it, and I never did so (hey, I was in PrepaTec, in Sonora! They only care about teaching leadership without further knowledge here). It got me excited about the idea of purchasing infosec books, now that I am picking up the habit of reading more than ever.

Another interesting topic which is always good to bring up, since our lives revolve around it, whether we want to admit it or not, is that of money. With this, I am talking about the talk we had with Ricardo Escobedo, and it is always good to remind students to care for their earnings and maybe use them up on something which will prove more fruitful.

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