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First Partial Reflection

I am not quite fond of testing (who is, honestly?), but seeing how it is an essential part of the process (sometimes), it is worth taking a look into the thoughts and methodologies thriving in the industry regarding it. Chaos engineering and TCR bring up some interesting insight to the mix, but I think I would very much rather the Webster Tomskins (gosh, did I even spell it right?) approach: when you are starting a project, you have absolute, total control of everything, the design being a fundamental part of it.

I am constantly seeing forward, thinking about my future, in life, in school, work, family, you name it. It is a habit I have been building up for a long time: planning my approach carefully. I know it is not the right way of thinking, and I probably already deviate too much from the topic, but what I am trying to say is that I have not only been looking forward in this class, but my life in general. This last year has been life-changing for most of us, there is no denying it, and the last few months have opened my eyes through a few experiences. I am mindfully in constant change, and I have been improving so many aspects of my life little by little that I am constantly distracted. I hate this, because this class offers me so much (readings, important guest speakers, etc.) and I feel useless at times when I cannot digest this amount of content.

It is not by any means your fault, Mr. Bauer, I am just too slow on processing input. That is another thing I must improve, because if I was up to the challenge, I would love to be as quick-witted as some of my classmates (Alex, Morett, etc.) and be able to participate the way these people participate.

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