Napoleon Dynamite – Review

Grade: 9/10

I am awestrucked. A lot of people will not understand this, and it is okay, in fact it is perfect. This is a masterpiece about characters which we see everyday in our lives, but do not quite understand, probably don’t care, and probably never will. But Napoleon Dynamite does what a good, original film should do: show us a part of the world which is a mystery or plainly unknown to us.

Though the center of the story is the title character, we get some world-building by seeing the lives of those around him: his brother Kip, his eccentric uncle, and the few other people with whom Napoleon maintains (or at least attempts to do so) a relationship. Most will say they don’t like Napoleon, and feel cringed towards the events surrounding him, which they should. After all, it is the story about one’s loneliness and crusade to get out of it. Napoleon represents that side of society in which nobody wants to be in such a slow-paced and sort of relatable fashion that reminds us of the times we felt ridiculous or even pathetic, sometimes without even realizing what we are doing, and such is the innocence of this character.

What we take

Something we can learn about this is that change is as slow as Napoleon, but once in a while, you begin with a hobby or activity which takes some of your time (dancing, guitar, etc.). You enjoy it and maybe not see much future to it, yet it starts molding your personality, it takes you on a slightly different path than the one you were going. Sometimes, that change of course is the one that gives off a sweet payoff in the end. And such is the lesson of this story.


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